Additional Services

Educational and Guest speaker services:

If your group, day care, elementary school, high school or place of business would benefit from a presentation on dental hygiene please let me know. I have provided many dental hygiene presentations to schools, churches and charities. This is a personal contribution to community service and I don't charge for my presentations.



I have a portable system for providing the same services I provide in my office, to long term care facilities, a hospice, seniors' homes and shut-ins. If you can't come to me, chances are I can come to you.




Kid Friendly services


Great for kids age 1-99

 Dental Examinations

Needle free anesthetics

Professional scaling


Fluoride treatments

Pit and fissure sealants

Teeth Whitening

(take home system or Wicked White in office)

Desensitizing treatments

Denture Cleaning

Custom made sportsguards

In-office or on-site service

Velscope Oral cancer screening (the latest in oral cancer screening, cost effective, painless and takes less than 10 minutes)                       Ask about a Velscope exam at your next appointment.

Heart friendly Dentist Blood pressure monitoring



Our Menu of Services

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